This book describes 20 traditional Latvian signs, their symbolic, empowering, protective and curative meaning. They appear here artistically rendered by a graphic designer as ornamentation.

Through the centuries, these signs have been handed down to us from generation to generation. Our forefathers and mothers knew of the energy that the signs possess, and they examined them first hand to come to the conclusion that they are indeed effective and protective.

A sign can be of assistance in specific cases - for defense, good luck, ailments, to keep and hold close for life. Like the Sun - for those seeking brightness and harmony, Fire- cross-for energy and protection, Māra good health and fertility, Jumis - prosperity, well-being... If we connect our brainwaves to the signs' field of energy, intuition will show the way, the right course.

This book urges you become more familiar with the ethnic Latvian signs, and put them to good use today when safeguarding or conjuring up strength.

The Latvian people are proud of having defended and preserved their language, folklore and ethnography, despite the severe setbacks faced throughout history. An important component in Latvian life is the sign or symbol. Rooted in Latvian mythology, these ethnographic signs and symbols represent specific beings and entities. They are the key to the rich ancient cultural heritage that flourishes during the Latvian Song and Dance Festival, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The national folk costumes worn, the magnificent intricate dance patterns created, are all alive with the signs, reflecting our ancestors' vision of the world.

Iesaki draugiem