This book is an introduction to the unique and colourful character of Latvia, offering a fascinating journey through the most beautiful, interesting, and awe-inspiring places in our country. In compiling this book, the intention was to highlight the multifaceted nature of our country. Both its history and geographical location have determined that Latvia, despite its relatively small size – only about 64,000 km2 – is not at all lacking in variety.

Discover the diversity of Latvia!

Head for the wilderness. See how the waves cross over each other at Cape Kolka, climb to the top of Latvia’s hills – Gaiziņkalns, Sauleskalns, and Mākoņkalns, hike alongside the meanders of the River Daugava, swim in the lakes of Latgale, and take a boat trip on the River Mēmele, the border between Latvia and Lithuania.
Enjoy the beauty of architecture. View the elegant Art Nouveau buildings in Riga, the Baroque opulence of Rundāle Palace, Neo-Gothic Zvārtava Manor, and the pearl of Classicism, Mežotne Palace; don’t miss the places of worship of various denominations as well as other legacies of the past such as the castle ruins which can be found in every region of the country.

See the individuality of Latvia’s towns. Alūksne and Sigulda, Rēzekne and Liepāja, Valka and Bauska, Valmiera and Kuldīga, Salacgrīva and Dobele, and many other towns will surprise you with their own distinctive ambience and special charm.

Visit interesting museums. Latvia’s cultural and historical background can be explored at the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Riga as well as many other institutions around the country – at major museums that are already well-known as well as those that are not at all famous.

Pay tribute to the symbols of statehood. Lay a flower at the foot of the Freedom Monument, visit the Garden of Destiny, take a trip to Cēsis – the birthplace of the Latvian flag, and visit the Latvian National Theatre where the Republic of Latvia was first proclaimed as a sovereign state.

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