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People say cats are devils in disguise, not creatures of God... So who do you turn to when your life turns upside down because of a small, stupid incident? It's a good thing cats always land on their feet.

Leonīda Fēliksa, project manager at an advertising agency, gets to test the truth behind both these adages. After an unpleasant episode at a work-related function she experiences life-altering changes, excess hair being the least of her worries.

Hardened by her business environment and possessing a level head, Leo finds her way out of the most dangerous predicaments, solves mysterious murder cases, and gains new friends and enemies. The advice of a real Latvian shaman and a fifth-generation Belarusian witch helps, too...

“The Curse of the Cat” is an urban fantasy novel by the popular Latvian writer Linda Nemiera. There are four books in the series, the first one of which is now available in English. Linda Nemiera lives in Riga, Latvia, which is where all the action in her books is taking place. Linda skillfully combines ordinary and everyday events with supernatural occurrences.

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